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European Union and International Police Cooperation Directorate

The European Union & International Police Cooperation Directorate (EU&IPCD) was established at Police Headquarters on 1/12/2003. The EU&IPCD is subdivided into two Sub Directorates, the European Union & International Relations Sub-Directorate and the International Police Cooperation Sub-Directorate.

The European Union & International Relations Sub Directorate handles all police issues that relate to the materialisation and implementation of the provisions of the acquis communautaire. In addition to that, it promotes the development of international police relations, on the basis of existing bilateral and multilateral agreements to that effect.

Within this framework, the Sub Directorate endorses the line of action of the Police on European acquis matters involving external border control, organised crime, drugs, police cooperation, the implementation of the Schengen acquis, human rights and the protection of personal data. It also looks into and advises other Police Services on the legal parameters of issues touching upon the European Police acquis. It supervises the proper allocation of Police European budget funds, the exchange of technical assistance with the E.U., as well as the absorption of finance from European sources. Finally, it organizes the participation of Cyprus Police in various European conferences, seminars and meetings abroad, while at the same time it coordinates and supervises the representation of the Republic of Cyprus by members of the Police in the various Working Groups of the E.U. Council.

- International Police Cooperation Sub-Directorate
- European Union & International Relations Sub-Directorate

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