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Dear visitors of our website,

As one of the fundamental agencies of a democratic state governed by the rule of law, the police are now called upon to deal with unprecedented challenges – challenges which arise from complex and in many ways inter-related phenomena, such as the globalisation of the economy, the multicultural nature of contemporary society, as well as the effects of the financial crisis.

As of my appointment to the position of Chief of Police, we initiated a self-criticism process in order to identify long-standing problems, mistakes, omissions and problematic practices. We are determined to make gallant decisions and implement innovative measures, so as to be able to respond to the challenges of our times as well as the expectations of citizens and those of our members.

An essential precondition for the realisation of our vision for a contemporary, effective and citizen-focused police is that we should wholeheartedly adopt principles of rationalisation, transparency, meritocracy and sound administration. We are therefore committed to working towards this goal.

In order for our vision to be realized and our aims to become pragmatic, it is essential that all police members, without any exception, irrespective of rank or position, make a positive contribution. At the same time, a major challenge we face as a police, and one which is critical to our success, is that we need to encourage the involvement of citizens, by fostering the understanding that they themselves have a decisive role to play in maintaining the rule of law, order and security.

Being fully aware that some forms of traditional policing are either insufficient or ineffective in combating crime, due to the fact that crime is constantly transformed through contemporary socio-economic and cultural changes, one of our major goals is to change our model of policing. Essentially, we aspire to adopt a specific model of policing which will be based on Community Policing, but will also include features of Intelligence-led policing. At the same time this model of policing will be enhanced by aspects of the so-called ‘smart policing’ which utilizes to the full, modern technology and tactics, thus achieving the best possible results at the lowest possible costs.

Dear friends,

We are guided by our vision which is based on a people-centred approach to policing. Step by step, we are implementing our objectives and we turn the challenges we face to our advantage, and we are ready to introduce radical innovations and changes where deemed necessary. We have set upon a course of renewal and modernisation which we are following not only strictly, but also cautiously, adopting a realistic approach and showing above all respect towards the citizens, whom we have a duty to serve under any circumstances.

Within the spirit of this framework, I firmly believe that the Cyprus Police can become a more modern, effective and efficient organisation, gaining thereby the respect, not only of the public, but also of our own members. Through this address I am sending a message for a common attempt and consensus to combat crime, since the strengthening of security and public order, should be a goal that is common and global, for the benefit of every citizen and of the entire society we live in.

Zacharias Chrysostomou

Chief of the Cyprus Police

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