Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Crime Combating Department

Firearms Registry

The Firearms Registry is responsible for enforcing Law 113 (I) 2004 on Firearms and Other Arms.

 It keeps a Registry of Firearms and other Arms across the Republic.

 It issues Firearms Dealer’s Licences, Gunsmith Licences and Paintball field Licences.

 It certifies collectable firearms.

The Chief of Police is the competent authority for the issue of inter alia licences for the acquisition and possession of a Category D Firearm (hunting shotgun) or air rifle if satisfied that the applicant:

(a) is over 18 years of age,

(b) is not considered dangerous for his person, the public order or safety according to a judicial decision or a state medical council.

(c) has not been convicted of any of the following offences:

(i) homicide

(ii) rape

(iii) kidnapping (excluding abduction as per article 149 of the Criminal Code Cap.154).

(iv) arson

(v) treason

(vi) robbery

(vii) inciting to mutiny/sedition/membership in an unlawful association

(viii) murder or attempted murder

(ix) importation, possession, manufacture, storage or transfer of explosives, (according to section 4 (4) of the Explosive Substances Law)

(x) attempt to destroy property with the use of explosive substances

(xi) illegal possession, use or possession with intent to supply to controlled drugs or psychotropic substances, according to the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law,

(xii) and any other offence added to this list by the Ministerial Council and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic.

(d) has not been ascertained to be insane as per Article 70 of the Criminal Procedure Law Cap.155.

The licensee is entitled to possess more than one category D firearm or air rifle, under the condition that for each weapon a separate licence has been issued and the respective fees have been paid (£20 per 12 Gauge Double Barrel Bridge Loaded Shotgun, £10 per Flobert Shotgun and £5 per Air Rifle)

Any person, who wishes to be issued a Firearm Acquisition and Possession Licence, submits the respective application to the Chief of Police (interested persons should contact the firearms office of the Divisional Police Headquarters). The Chief of Police, examines the application within reasonable time, decides on it according to Firearms and Other Arms Law 113(I)/2004, and notifies the applicant in writing.

Any person who transfers to the Republic or buys or acquires a firearm or other arm, must contact, within forty-eight hours from the arrival of the arm in the Republic or from its acquisition, the firearms office of the Divisional Police Headquarters in the District where he/she resides in order to register the arm, producing the arm, the importation or transfer licence or approval as per section 15, or European Firearms Pass, as the case may be. The certificate of registration is issued upon the payment of a £10.00 fee.

Hunting Shotguns Import Licence for Tourists

The transfer of firearms from Member States the European Union to the Republic by any person is prohibited, unless he/she is holder of a transport licence or European Firearms Pass, issued by the competent authorities of the member state of consignment. In such case there is no obligation to hold a licence issued by the Authorities of the Republic.

The Director of the Department of Customs and Excise has the authority to issue a special firearm importation licence to a visiting citizen of a third country, the duration of which does not exceed three months, under such terms as the Director considers appropriate.

The registration of the arm takes place at the Firearms Office of the Divisional Police Headquarters of the District where he/she resides, after the production of the relative documents, duly certified by the Custom Authorities.

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