Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Crime Combating Department

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Office

Sees to all matters that concern dealing with prevention, repression and handling of domestic violence and child abuse. The main duties and responsibilities of the Office include the following:

1. Monitors cases/incidents of domestic violence and child abuse that are reported ίn Police Stations all over Cyprus ίn collaboration with the investigators as well as with professionals from other relevant Services.

2. Cooperates with other relevant (governmental and not) agencies for better and

more effective handling of the incidents.

3. Maintains an electronic registry of all incidents of domestic violence that are reported to Police Stations all over Cyprus. Relevant statistics are issued and published οπ an annual base, and they are accessible by the web page of Cyprus Police.

4. Informs the Attorney General of Cyprus οπ incidents of domestic violence that are

reported to Police Stations and are further reported to Police Headquarters.

5. Appropriately trained members of the Office take at the specialized facilities of the Office or of other Police Divisions video-recorded statements, mainly from minor victims and/or witnesses, in collaboration with the investigators.

6. Promotes the organisation of educational seminars in cooperation with the Police Academy aiming at the basic and specialised training of Police members. Το this purpose, the Office published a manual οπ handling domestic violence incidents.

7. Represents the Police ίn social events, seminars, conferences or meetings in Cyprus and abroad to inform the public or other professionals οπ domestic violence and child abuse. For public awareness purposes, the Office publishes and distributes awareness material. At the same time, campaigns are organised to enlighten the public οπ the subject of domestic violence and child abuse.

8. Reviews criminal files and submits opinions regarding the further handling of each



Telephone: 22808442



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