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Republic of Cyprus
Traffic Department
Traffic Accident Prevention and Road Safety Awareness Office

The Traffic Department undoubtedly considers that public awareness on road safety issues in combination with policing may contribute substantially to preventing and reducing road traffic collisions. It therefore puts emphasis on informing the public on road safety.

Specifically, the main responsibilities and duties of the Office are the following:

· The design and implementation of prevention and road safety awareness programmes, addressing various target groups.

· The organization of lectures, conferences, courses and other events for schools, army camps, parents associations, various high risk groups, other organized groups and the public in general.

· The organization and coordination of seminars on road safety issues.

· The preparation, publication and dissemination of informative material and the organization of public awareness raising campaigns.

· The organization of press conferences and generally the promotion, through the media, of the policies implemented and the actions taken by the Traffic Department with regards to road safety.

· Participation by members of the Office in various Committees of the Road Safety Council, which deal with raising road safety awareness and other traffic-related issues in general.

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