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Republic of Cyprus

Create a modern and effective Police, which guarantees a safer society.

The Cyprus Police Service is inspired by the following values, which determine how it behaves and acts.

We will be reputable, adhering to truthfulness and being free from deceit.

We will lead by example, being incorruptible and doing the right thing regardless of the pressures or personal risk we face.

We will demonstrate impartiality, being free from self-interest, prejudice or favoritism.

We will show dedication to the goals of the Service and to our personal development and wellness as we persist in our endeavors to consult, work with and serve the community.

We will recognize the right of all people, regardless of their personal situation, to live without ridicule, and as such we will display courteous regard for people in every situation.

We will be above reproach and exhibit a proficient, conscientious, and business-like demeanor in dealing with those we serve.

We are transparent in our actions, decisions and communications with both the people we work with and those we serve.

As a police service, we must show impartiality throughout all our dealings with colleagues, partners and members of the public.

We will conduct ourselves in a manner that is consistent with the law enforcement code of conduct, national law enforcement standards and the expectations of our community.

Cyprus Police is committed to treating all citizens fairly and equally, irrespective of community, race, color, religion, language, sex, political or other beliefs, ethnic or social origin, age or social class.

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