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    Cyprus Police Vision

    A Humane and Proud Police’ – ‘Humane’, showing social sensitivity, proud of its mission and uniform and with a strong sense of dignity and self respect. Our vision is shaped in accordance with European standards and on the basis of two basic pillars: Values and Principles.

    a. Values

    · Lawful action, serving the cause of justice with integrity

    · Just and rational action, with correct judgment, without fear or prejudice

    · Securing the rights of all citizens, regardless of social class

    · A positive attitude build on courage, high morale and frankness

    · Treating members of the public with respect, honesty and integrity

    · Taking strong action, when considered imperative for the fulfillment and execution of the legal duties of the police

    · Respect of the human rights of all citizens

    b. Principles

    Cyprus Police is committed to treating all citizens fairly and equally, irrespective of community, race, colour, religion, language, sex, political or other beliefs, ethnic or social origin, age or social class.

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