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Policing operates in an increasingly complicated environment. The police role is very broadly defined and public expectations of that role have broadened further as a result of social change. Citizens want a service that is transparently open and fair, that balances individual rights with the need to protect society as a whole. The challenges Police face in the 21st century are numerous and varied. Terrorism, illegal drugs, gun violence, cybercrimes , the immigration flow and social media pose significant challenges for Cyprus Police at all levels. In addition to those widely recognized concerns, there are also two other pressing matters that are demanding our immediate attention, the lack of personnel and the budgetary restraints for needed improvements. Policing in Cyprus is planning incremental change to keep pace with those demands and adopt systems and processes that will facilitate mutual operations with other law enforcement agencies in the EU and worldwide.

We will try to implement our strategy through the following strategic goals in order to achieve our vision which is to create a modern and effective police that guarantees a safer society.

Strategic Goals :

1st Strategic Goal : Improvement of road safety level and implementation of the road policing

2nd Strategic Goal :Combating Terrorism and radicalization

3RD Strategic Goal: Combating minor crime

4th Strategic Goal : Combating serious and organized crime

5th Strategic Goal : Effective border control and management of immigration issues

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