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Republic of Cyprus
Historical Background

Cyprus Police was set up with the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960. Two Public Security Forces were established within the framework of the Constitution: the Police Force, which was responsible for policing the urban areas, and the Gendarmerie, which was responsible for policing rural areas. A Greek-Cypriot Chief and a Turkish-Cypriot Chief administered the two Forces respectively.

Shortly after the inter-communal troubles of 1964 and the abandonment of the posts held by Turkish-Cypriot police officers, the two forces merged to form the present Police.

Prior to this, the British Colonial Government operated a police force which underwent many changes from 1879, when the first Police Law was passed, up until 1955 when the EOKA struggle for freedom began.
During its 43 years of operation, Cyprus Police has played a very important role in maintaining and safeguarding law and order and generally ensuring the smooth functioning of the Republic.

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