Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Audit and Inspection Unit

The Audit and Inspection Unit is commanded by a Senior Officer, who is accountable to the Chief of Police, through the Assistant Chief of Police in charge of Administration.
The major duties of the Unit are the following:
(1) Conducting regular inspections of Police Divisions/Units/Services and Stations, with or without prior notification.
(2) Monitoring and assessing the extent to which Police duties are conducted according to the Law and the Directives and Orders of the Chief of Police.
(3) Conducting announced audits, spot checks wherever and whenever considered necessary, in order to assess the degree of readiness, vigilance and competency of in service personnel.
The Unit is responsible for inspecting the following:
• the enforcement of Police Standing Orders and Administrative Orders
• any delays, irregularities etc in the investigation of criminal or disciplinary cases
• weaponry, ammunition and Governmental property
• the registers of crimes investigated, the investigation of criminal cases and the handling of files on criminal cases
• the safety, maintenance and transfer of exhibits
• buildings, installations, facilities and equipment
• the use of procedures, means and methods for effective policing
• the competency, efficiency, discipline, and training of personnel
• the detention conditions and treatment of detainees
• relations between the police and the public
• the execution of warrants, decrees and other orders (judiciary, military, etc.)
• the appropriate use of governmental property (vehicles, equipment, etc)

- General Informations
- Unit Responsibilities

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