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Kypros Michaelides was born in Paphos in 1957. After completing his military service he joined the Police in April 1977 as a Special Constable, while on 14.5.1978 he was recruited as a Constable.

Following the completion of the basic training course for Recruit Constables at the Police Training School, he served at various Police Departments, Branches and Services, including the Security Office of Police Headquarters, the Mobile Immediate Action Unit, the Presidential Guard, as well as the Nicosia Prosecution Office of Nicosia Police Division. For several consecutive years he served at the Criminal Investigation Department of Nicosia Police Division.

In 1990, he successfully completed a two-year Turkish language course at the Cyprus Police Academy while serving at the Central Intelligence Service. He also holds a certificate for the very good knowledge of the English language.

During 1990 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and for the period of 1993-1999 he served as a trainer at the Cyprus Police Academy, where he had the responsibility of preparing and delivering specialised lessons to members of the Police.

In December 1999, at the rank of Inspector, he served at the Criminal Investigation Department of Police Headquarters, undertaking the investigation of cases of serious crimes occurring throughout the Republic. In 2003 he was promoted to the rank of Chief Inspector and was appointed Officer in charge of the Prosecution Branch of Nicosia Police Division.

With experience in the investigation of serious crimes and having attended numerous seminars and training programmes in Cyprus and abroad, in 2003 he was posted as Officer in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department of Nicosia Police Division.

In 2005, after being promoted to the rank of Superintendent B, he served, until June of 2007, as Assistant Police Commander (Operations) of Nicosia Police Division. In October 2006 he was promoted to Superintendent A and on 23.1.2009 to Chief Superintendent.

From the beginning of July 2007 until 23.6.2014, he was the Commander of Nicosia Police Division and thus responsible for the coordination and supervision of most of the Town and Rural Police Stations, that is the largest section of the Police.

Moreover, in June 2011 he obtained a postgraduate degree in ‘Police Management’ from the Middlesex University of London.

On 23.6.2014 he was posted Commander of Limassol Police Division where he served until 1.3.2016 when he was promoted to the rank of Assistant Chief of Police, serving as Assistant Chief of Police for Support.

On 16.5.2017 he was appointed by the President of the Republic of Cyprus as Deputy Chief of Police and on the 7.5.2019 Chief of Police.

Furthermore, he is an Honourary President of the Cyprus Police Sports Association, after serving for many years as the Association’s Treasurer, Vice President and President. Additionally, he was the Vice President of the Senior Police Officers’ Association.

He has also represented Cyprus Police at many conferences and seminars in Cyprus, but also abroad.

Mr Michaelides is married to Maria Michaelide and they have two sons.

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