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Republic of Cyprus

Police Personnel are posted to the seven Departments which make up Police Headquarters, as well as seven Units and six Police Divisions. The Fire Service is also an integral part of the Police.

Police work is divided into four principal areas, each administered by an Assistant Chief of Police. These four are:

- Administration
- Operations
- Training
- Support Services

The administrative organisation and structure of the Police is as follows:

(a) Departments at Police Headquarters

- Department A - Administration and Personnel
- Department B - Traffic
- Department C - Criminal Investigation Department
- Department D - Research and Technical Support
- Research and Development Department
- Inspection and Audit Service
- Criminalistic Services

(b) Police Divisions

- Nicosia
- Limassol
- Larnaca
- Ammochostos
- Paphos
- Morphou
- Kerynia (does not operate due to its occupation by Turkish troops)

(c) Fire Service – it operates as an independent Division

(d) Police Units

- Central Intelligence Service
- Cyprus Police Academy
- Drug Law Enforcement Unit
- Emergency Response Unit
- Port and Marine Police
- Aliens and Immigration Unit
- Presidential Guard Unit

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