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After the Turkish invasion, Police Stations were operating in all Famagusta communities, including Achna, but it was abandoned on August 29, 1974 following the advance of the Turks, who occupied the community. Gradually, the District Police Stations were limited to their present form and five Police Stations operate in the following Municipalities and Communities.

1) Paralimni Police Station: Paralimni Municipality and the Protaras area.
2) Ayia Napa Police Station: Agia Napa area
3) Deryneia Station: Deryneia and Sotira Municipalities and the communities of Frenaros and Aheritou. Also, since November 2018, the Dherynia check point, which is under the jurisdiction of the Police Station of Deryneia, began operating.

Moreover, in 1974, the Police Station of Xylofagou and Xylotympou, which were under the jurisdiction of the Police Directorate of Larnaka and police the following municipalities, came under the territorial jurisdiction of the Famagusta District

4) Xylofagou & Avgorou Station: Xylofagou, Avgorou and Liopetri communities.
5) Xylotymbou Station: Xylotymbou and Ormidias communities, the Refugee Housing Authority and the Achna Dasaki.

For the Municipalities of Paralimni, Agia Napa, Deryneia, Sotira and the Communities of Xylofagou, Liopetriou, Avgorou, Aheritou and Frenarou, operates the Community Policing.

During the summer season, Port & Marine Police operates in the municipalities of Ayia Napa and Paralimni. Additionally, in the area of the Famagusta Police Divisional there are branches of the Port and Marine Police, based in Paralimni Port, despite the Golden Coast Hotel and the Anti-Drug Service based in Agia Napa Police Station.

On 4/2/2019, Mr. Nikos Anastasiades and the former Chief of Police, were housed the new Famagusta Police Divisional, in the new building

The new building of Famagusta Police Headquarters is located at 31, GIORKI Papadopoulou Street in Paralimni (near the old Famagusta Divisional) offering upgraded facilities to serve the public and the Police members working there.

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