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Republic of Cyprus
Drug Law Enforcement Unit

In European countries there is a widespread, unopposed consensus that using illicit drugs is harmful, both for individuals and indirectly for society as well.

To face the above mentioned problem, a number of European countries have pursued a variety of strategies, ranging from ignoring the problem, running education campaigns and making tentative moves towards the liberalization of certain kinds of illicit substances.

One feature common to all strategies, is that none of them has succeeded even remotely to solve the “Drug Problem”. On the contrary, it is obvious that in most of these countries, the drug problem has increased and with it, of course, production and consumption.

It is now commonly accepted that a more comprehensive approach needs to be adopted involving social and political intervention at various levels, both within the public and private sector, if more positive results are to be achieved.

For that reason the Cypriot National Strategy on Drugs for the Years 2009-2012, adopts the principle of a balanced approach as safeguarded by international and European conventions, taking into account the particular parameters of the Cypriot reality.

The balanced and comprehensive management of the phenomenon through the reduction of both supply and demand stems from the relevant international conventions. Moreover, major pillars were established in the Declaration adopted at the Special Session of the UN General Assembly in 1998 (UNGASS), which underline the importance of the inclusion and implementation of principles related to demand and supply reduction in the formulation of National Strategies.

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