Republic of Cyprus
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Information Technology Department

Information Technology Branch

The Information Technology Branch deals with the analysis of the needs of all Police Departments / Units / Directorates / Services / Divisions in terms of the electronic analysis of data, the planning of computer systems and the design of relevant computer programmes. The Information Technology Section is also responsible for designing, installing and servicing the National Schengen Information System and other European programmes. In addition, the aim of the section is to fully computerize police work and oversee the smooth operation of the Office Automation System which was installed at the beginning of 2012 for the increase of productivity, but also for the creation of a more up-to-date work environment.

More specifically, some of the duties carried out by this Branch are the following:

· Preparation and evaluation of tenders

· Participation in European Union working groups

· Completion of various Operating systems

· Training police members with regards to the use of Information Technology

· Management and maintenance of existing programmes

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