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There are six Police Stations operating within the town of Nicosia and its suburbs, six stations for the Division’s rural areas, as well as one sub-station. The Stations are responsible for the prevention and detection of offences, the investigation of complaints relating to minor offences, mobile patrols, communicating effectively with the public as well as gathering and transmitting information to other Units/Services/Departments.

Station personnel are in close contact with members of the public, since it is usually to their nearest police station that citizens turn to when faced with relevant issues or problems. They deal with a great variety of cases so they have to be able to perform the full spectrum of police duties. They also advise members of the public on issues that are not strictly police work and refer them to other available services.

In addition to the above, Station personnel are called upon to investigate traffic accidents and serious offences when they are committed within the area they are responsible for policing. Some of the Stations are also responsible for collecting fines from issued warrants.

The main difference between the stations for the City & Suburbs and the Rural stations is that the territorial jurisdiction of the former is smaller but more densely inhabited with many points of crucial importance. In contrast, the Rural Stations have a larger territorial jurisdiction which is thinly populated. In addition to minor crimes, the Rural Stations also investigate serious cases as well as accidents.

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