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The Driving School is part of the organizational structure of the Cyprus Police Academy. It is made up of trained and experienced personnel, and its mission is to provide training to the members of the Police who drive police vehicles. All the trainers of the Driving School are appointed by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles as authorized driving examiners, upon approval by the Ministerial Council.

The aim of the training provided by the Driving School is to improve the level of driving (skills / competencies) of the members of Cyprus Police, so that they become better and more careful drivers. Additionally, the Driving School trains police members who, due to the duties that they carry out, must also qualify to drive specific categories of vehicles.

Σημείωση: Παρακαλώ όπως το κείμενο που αφορά στη Σχολή Οδηγών και περιλαμβάνεται στο πεδίο του Τμήματος Τροχαίας, αφαιρεθεί.

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