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Frontex is a European Union agency for the management of operational co-operation at the external borders of the European Union.

The agency was established by the European Council – Council Regulation (EC) 2007/22004/ 26.10.2004, OJ L 349/25.11.2004) as was amended on 25 October 2011, by Regulation (EE) 1168/2011 of the European Parliament and European Council.

Cyprus Police is represented at the Frontex Governing Board by the Director of the Aliens and Immigration Service.

Among others, the activities of the agency include the following:

· Training

· Research / preparation of studies

· Common Operations

· Risk analysis

· Exchange of Information

· Development of immediate response groups

· Providing assistance to Member States for the repatriation of illegal immigrants

Office for Handling Border Control / FRONTEX Training Issues

The Office was established with the aim of organizing, coordinating and monitoring the training of police members serving at the entry points of the Republic of Cyprus (border guards), that is members of the Aliens and Immigration service , the Port and Marine Police and the Cyprus Police Aviation Unit.

The main aim of the Office is to upgrade the training, so that it is fully compatible with the Bologna and Copenhagen processes. For this purpose, since 2004, the Office has been participating in permanent but also interim working groups of the Training Department of the European Agency Frontex.

In order to fulfill its aims the Office co-operates closely with the above mentioned Units as well as the Finance Directorate and the European Union and International Police Co-operation Directorate.

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