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Republic of Cyprus
Crime Combating Department
Criminal Record Office (C.R.O.)

Besides other duties, the Criminal Record Office issues, on behalf of the Chief of Police:

· Police clearance certificates
· criminal record certificates


· citizens of the Republic of Cyprus
· aliens residing legally in the Republic of Cyprus for at least six months
· companies, corporations, associations, societies or any other alliance of persons of legal entity

The application should be accompanied by the following:

· Receipt of payment (F107A) for the sum of €20 issued by the Accounts Department at Divisional Police Headquarters or by the Crime Registry of Department C at Police Headquarters
· Identity Card or Passport – in the case of Cypriot citizens
· In the case of companies, a registration certificate
· A residence permit (pink slip), aliens book and passport, if the applicant is an alien

Application forms may be obtained from any Police Station or the Police Website – (Citizens Rights Charter)


- The applicant can obtain the certificate from the Crime Registry by going there in person by giving written authorisation to another person.
- The Accounts Offices of Divisional Police Headquarters issue certificates of clearance to Cypriot Citizens only.

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