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Instructions to swimmers
  • Always swim in the prescribed swimming areas, as designated by the red buoys along the coast.
  • Avoid using the channels designated specifically for vessels, located vertically to the beach.
  • Never leave your children to swim unsupervised. Close and continuous supervision is needed especially in the case of children of five years old or younger. It is also necessary for children to always wear a life jacket or any other kind of life preserving floatation device.
  • Prefer beaches supervised by a lifeguard, especially when you are accompanied by children.
  • Avoid swimming after eating or drinking alcohol; do not swim if less than three hours passed from your last meal.
  • Use caution when you dive. Diving headers should be avoided.
  • Scuba divers should always use a designated surface red or orange buoy (colors that are visible from a long distance). The rope of the buoy must be in a vertical position to the diver.
  • Windsurfers must always bear in mind that it is possible for them to be drifted by waves away from the coast, or be tipped over their windsurfing board.
  • The Port & Marine Police patrol the swimming areas continually, ready to provide any assistance whenever necessary.

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