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Territorial Jurisdiction

The Port and Marine Police is responsible for policing the coast line of the Republic of Cyprus, its ports, its territorial waters and contiguous zone. In cases of Search and Rescue, it operates in the wider sea area of Nicosia Flight Information Region. Because of the Turkish invasion and the occupation of part of the island by Turkish troops, the Port and Marine Police can only operate within the areas that are under the effective control of the Republic of Cyprus.

Notes: The territorial waters of Cyprus include a sea zone that extends to 12 nautical miles from the coast.

The contiguous zone extends from the point the territorial waters end up to a distance of 24 nautical miles from the coast.

Length of Coastline: Areas under the control of the Republic of Cyprus: 157, 28 nautical miles, that is 37, 71% of the coastline.

Turkish occupied areas: 218, 11 nautical miles, 52, 29% of the coastline

Buffer zone: 2, 4 nautical miles, 0,57% of the coastline

Sovereign British Bases: 39, 32 nautical miles, 9.43% of the coastline

(Nautical mile = 1852m²)

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