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The Scientific Research and Professional Development Centre is administratively under the command of the Director of the Police Academy, while operationally, it is accountable to the Assistant Chief of Police (Education). Its mission is to conduct scientific research and to study issues that fall within the field of criminology and policing, aiming at upgrading and modernizing the operational and administrative functioning of the Police. It helps both in identifying problematic areas and in finding corrective actions, by conducting relevant studies and surveys based on best practices in the field of policing. Through the scientific and social research (quantitative and qualitative) that the Centre undertakes, it provides the necessary scientific evidence for any attempt by the Police to change.

Additionally, the Centre aims at publishing and presenting research findings as well as preparing special manuals and documentation. It collaborates with several Universities’ research centres in Cyprus and abroad, as well as with other police academies abroad and participates in various Research Committees / Groups.

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