Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Crime Combating Department

Counter Terrorism Office

The Counter Terrorism Office coordinates the actions / policy of the Cyprus Police in the fight against international terrorism, taking into consideration the obligations deriving from the prevailing International Conventions, United Nations Resolutions as well as European Legislation.

The Office acts as the contact point, for the exchange of information and requests concerning terrorism with the relevant Police authorities of the European Union Member States and the authorities of third countries.

The basic responsibilities and the competences of the Counter Terrorism Office are the following:

- The study and the submission of proposals concerning the actions / policy that should be adopted by the Cyprus Police for compliance with the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, the Council of Europe , the Common Positions, Regulations, Decisions of the European Union that pertain to the fight of terrorism.

- Analysis and evaluation of information about terrorism received by other services of the Cyprus Police as well as other services abroad

- Acting as the contact point for the Member States of the E.U. in case of a terrorist attack (emergency crisis)

- Collaboration with other government institutions in the fight against terrorism.

- Promotion of international co-operation and collaboration especially with Europol and Interpol as well as other international organisations.

- Response to requests, and questionnaires, and preparation of reports and studies on terrorism.

- Communication with Liaison Officers of foreign countries with the aim of exchanging and sharing information.

- Coordination of operations

- Organisation of training and seminars

The members of the Counter Terrorism Office participate / attend the meetings of various Working Groups / Committees such as:

- Terrorism Working Group of the Council of the European Union in Brussels.

- Police Working Group on Terrorism (P.W.G.T.).

- First Response Network - FRN

- Analytical File AWF Terrorism

- High Level Expert Meeting in Hague.

- Check the Web (ΕUROPOL) - Hague

- ΕΕΝeT (European Expert Network on Terrorism)

- Radicalisation Awareness Network

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