Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Drug Law Enforcement Unit

Supply reduction

The Drug Law Enforcement Unit (D.L.E.U.) monitors the modus operandi of criminals in the field of illicit drugs and implements, the policy of the Cyprus Police using the appropriate methods.

To be able to achieve results in the reduction of drug supply, the DLEU cooperates closely and continuously with other services involved in the control of illicit drugs such as the Customs Services, the State General Laboratory, the Law Office of the Republic, the Unit for Combating Money Laundering (MOKAS), the Pharmaceutical Services etc.

The D.L.E.U. uses every legal means at its disposal to combat drug-related crime within the Republic. This is accomplished by strictly adhering to internationally accepted human rights practices. Simultaneously, the D.L.E.U. pursues with tenacity those who endanger the lives of others, especially those who push young people towards drug use and addiction.

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