Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Cyprus Police Aviation Unit


The mission of the CPAU is as follows:

1. Surveillance of the coast and of the territorial limits of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as the patrol of the Nicosia FIR (Flight Information Region) in cooperation with other units, with the aim of preventing drug trafficking, illegal immigration and terrorism.

2. Supervision and surveillance of the highways and main roads.

3. Search and Rescue missions aiming at saving lives and property in the case of naval or aviation accidents that occur within the Nicosia FIR.

4. Transport of patients or injured persons to a suitable medical center in Cyprus

5. Fire fighting and support of other fire fighting units

6. Location of exhibits under water with the support of C.P.A.U. divers

7. Transport of Police members and other government personnel on special missions

8. Transport of high-level government officials and VIPs.

9. Escort of motor convoys with high-level officials and VIPs.

10. Execution of any missions which are assigned to the C.P.A.U. by the Joint Rescue Coordination Center (JRCC).

11. Execution of any other duties, which are requested by the Chief of Police.

CPAU personnel follow extensive specialized training in their field and are always ready to respond and bring to a successful end any mission.

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