Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Traffic Department

Office for Studying and Forwording Traffic Cases

The mission of the Office for Studying and Forwarding Police Cases is to provide advice, verification and recommendations to the Director of Traffic Department Police Headquarters, regarding the processing and categorization of all cases concerning traffic offences and road traffic collisions, reported by the Divisional Police Traffic Branches.

Furthermore, the Office studies and supervises the investigation process of all cases of fatal road traffic collisions in order to determine whether there are any omissions, and, where necessary, it informs and advices the Director of Traffic Department, where necessary, to take corrective measures, formulate new policies, or review existing legislation.

It also studies and proposes modifications to police reports submitted by Divisional Traffic Police Branches before forwarding them to interested applicants.

It assists the investigators of the Divisional Traffic Branches by performing specialized examinations during the investigation of road traffic collisions.

In addition, the Office organizes professional training seminars for police members on Traffic issues, focusing on the correct procedures to be followed in the investigation of traffic cases.

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