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The Analysis and Statistics Office was set up on 26.3.2012, charged with the duties of conducting analyses on crime, as well as collecting, maintaining, processing and analyzing statistical data.

Operationally the Office is under the direct command of the Assistant Chief for Operations while administratively it is part of Department A. Its mission, according to Police Ordinance 1/95, is to support the prevention and investigation of crime by providing specialized crime analyses. Moreover, it is responsible for supporting the administrative work of the Command of the Police and of the Divisional Commanders by providing updated statistical data and analyses.

Structurally, the Office is divided into two sections: the Analysis Section and the Statistics Section. The former deals with the strategic and operational analysis of criminal cases and general information relating to police work, with the aim of drawing conclusions regarding both the prevention and suppression of crime as well as the prevention of serious and fatal road accidents. The Statistics Section is responsible for the processing and statistical analysis of data and information contained in the various police data bases or other electronic records to which it has access, with the purpose of drawing useful conclusions. Besides this, it prepares the annual statistical reports on crime and traffic accidents, and ensures that the appropriate statistical results are promptly and correctly presented to the Command of the Police and, where appropriate, they are posted on the Police website.

The main areas of focus for the Office include the following:

· Crime analysis and especially serious crime analysis

· Collaboration with all Divisional CID offices

· Statistical data on Serious Crime

· Statistical data on Narcotics

· Statistical data on Minor Offences

· Statistical data on Traffic accidents

· Statistical data on illegal immigration

· Other general Statistics on:

suicides, alcoholic drinks, loudspeakers, shop opening hours, closing hours for places of recreation, various campaigns such as campaigns against illegal gambling and the use of fire crackers.

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