Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Immigration Office

Operational Activities

The primary activities of the Aliens and Immigration Service are summarized as follows:

1.The detection of irregular migrants (aliens who entered irregularly by sea or through the occupied areas, violation of the terms and conditions of their visa) as well as combating the cases of illegal employment

2. Combating smuggling in irregular migrants.

3. Surveillance of green line for the purpose of combating irregular migration

4.Control of persons crossing all legal Border Cross Points (airports, ports and marinas) of the Republic by conducting a passport control

5. Operation and management of the Mennoyia Detention Center for Irregular Migrants. The safe detention and guarding of aliens until their repatriation and / or release is the main mission of the operation of the Detention Center.

6. Repatriation / Return of irregular migrants

7. Registration of aliens and procedures for the submission of applications for residence permits, employment, study, citizenship, asylum applications, etc. Transmission of the applications to the competent Departments of the Ministry of the Interior for further action.

8. Submitting reports to the Director of the Civil Registry and Migration Department regarding aliens, based on the provisions of the legislation.

9. Constant update of the National STOP LIST database upon instructions by the Director of the Civil Registry and Migration Department and the Chief of Cyprus Police.

10. Monitoring developments at European level regarding migration issues in relation to the management of external borders of the European Union. Participation of Cyprus Police in FRONTEX Management Board, as well as in Working Groups / Committees of the European Council and others.

11. Participation and implementation of training programs aimed at professional specialization and empowerment of the members of the Unit

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