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Instructions for scuba divers
  • Every scuba diver must have a diving certificate from a certified training center.
  • The type, depth, and difficulty of diving depend on the training of the diver, and the certificate he/she obtained.
  • During diving, a vessel and an extra diver have to be present for safety. Divers must always dive in pairs.
  • Before diving, a diver must be well rested and not have consumed any alcohol for the last 24 hours.
  • Do not eat before diving.
  • Do not dive if you feel tired.
  • Scuba divers should always use an approved surface red or orange buoy (colors that are visible from long distance). The rope of the buoy has to be in a vertical position to the diver.
  • Every scuba diver must have a good knowledge of possible diving accidents and s/he has to be ready to provide first aid if necessary.
  • Find out where the nearest decompression chamber is located.
  • Always carry with you a bottle of pharmaceutical oxygen.
  • Have the proper and well maintained diving gear.
  • Diving at a depth of less than 40 meters, has to be carried out with bottles of atmospheric air as long as scuba divers are trained to do so, and in accordance with the approved tables.
  • Scuba diving should be avoided during the night, during extreme weather conditions or in areas with strong underwater currents.
  • Never forget that scuba diving is a pleasure. Never put yourself or others in danger.

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