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The Message Control Room of Police Headquarters operates on a 24 hour basis, and the head of each shift is the Officer on duty. It is responsible for the telephone centre, as well as the Citizens’ Communication Line (Help Line -Tel. number 1460), set up so that citizens can have easier access to the police.

The duties of the Officer on Duty include:

1. Supervising the Control Room

2. Taking immediate and effective action in relation to incidents reported by the Police Divisions

3. Transmitting information to the Divisions and coordination with the Divisional On-Duty Officers.

4. Recording, receiving, and transmitting messages

5. Immediate briefing of the Leadership of the police on serious crimes, major incidents, etc.

6. Briefing the Leadership of the police, daily on the most important events and incidents of the last 24 hours.

The personnel of the Control Room also handle messages sent by Police patrol cars of the Traffic Department (Headquarters) and other Departments/Services concerning information on vehicle owners, identity cards, etc. Moreover, the Control Room provides information to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on offences involving foreigners.

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