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The Aliens and Immigration Unit has been in operation since the foundation of the Republic of Cyprus. During the first few years, the Unit operated only with local Divisional Police Department. Later on, the Unit became independent at headquarter level and at the level of its Branch at Larnaca International Airport. It started functioning as a fully independent Unit, both operationally and administratively in 1997 under the direct command of the Chief of Cyprus Police. The Headquarter of the Aliens and Immigration Unit is operating in Nicosia while the Branches of the Unit are the Divisional Aliens and Immigration Departments as well as the Passport Control Departments at Larnaca and Paphos International Airports.

In order to better implement the Law and the relevant government policy, the Aliens and Immigration Unit makes every possible effort to train its members appropriately by means of participation in seminars and conferences. Among others, members of the Aliens and Immigration Unit perform Migration Officers’ duties.

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