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The Prevention Guidelines of the Cyprus National Addiction Authority (NAAC) (2011) define prevention as any structured action that renders individuals capable of avoiding the risk of drug abuse. Thus, information, skill development, the adoption of positive attitudes and values, the empowerment of individuals with skills, the provision of timely and reliable information to individuals regarding drugs and the consequences of addiction, encouraging them to develop their interests and abilities, etc., are considered ways to provide the individuals with the ability and skill to resist drugs.

Based on the above guidelines, the Drug Law Enforcement Unit has established a Prevention Office, which is supported scientifically by graduates of the Police Academy with an academic background in social sciences.

The Prevention Office designs and implements programmes and events aimed at general prevention as well as targeted prevention actions.

Our aim is to strengthen the physical, mental and psychological development of the individual, with a view to creating suitable conditions for the prevention of use and addiction to illegal psychoactive substances.

The activities of the Prevention Office are aimed mainly at social groups that are often not directly connected with the problem of drug use, but are considered high risk, on the basis of the Prevention Guidelines of the NAAC (2011).

In addition, the Social Intervention Officers of the DLEU provide counselling, psychological support, motivation, and referrals to various treatment facilities on the basis of the Cooperation Protocol.

This protocol was first signed in 2011. Subsequently, after evaluation, it was updated in 2016. It is noted that in 2016, the services of the Social Intervention Officers of the DLEU received the Innovation Award in the broader Public Sector category of the Employers’ and Industrialists’ Federation.

The DLEU Prevention Office is based in Nicosia and responds on an island-wide basis within the capabilities of its human resources.

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