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Crime Prevention Office

In 2005 Cyprus Police established the Crime Prevention Office as a further measure to combat crime. Its main mission is the prevention of crime with the active participation of citizens. At this stage, within the framework of its mission it has achieved the following:

(a) the promotion and implementation of crime prevention programmes such as “Neighborhood Watch”,“Community Policing” & “Neighborhood Watch – Green Line”.

(b) the issuance of awareness brochures on crime prevention such as burglaries and thefts from homes as well as thefts from vehicles, etc.

(c) the establishment of crime prevention seminars and lectures for the public, various organizations as well as training programmes for Security Officers.

(d) the inspection and writing up of reports on the security measures needed to be taken in governmental/ nongovernmental buildings or any other critical infrastructure.

(e) cooperation with its respective Officers in all Cyprus Police Divisions as well as cooperation with corresponding offices in other countries

(f) continuous training and updating on methods and policies currently in force in this field.

The Crime Prevention Office also monitors and supervises Community Police Officers, aiming at a uniform application of Community Policing, and consequently, at increasing public confidence in the Police, at promoting public security, as well as at reducing crime and public disorder through the physical presence of the Officers in the community.

The Crime Prevention Office is also responsible for coordinating the operation of the “Neighborhood Watch” & “Neighborhood Watch – Green Line” programmes, training the volunteers, organizing awareness raising campaigns concerning crime prevention and protection of citizen’s property, evaluating the programmes and presenting the results, once a year.

Contact Details
Crime Prevention Office

Tel.: 22808944/22808643/ 22607217/ 22607427
Fax: 22808754

* For Crime Prevention Promotional Leaflets, please click here.

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