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Office for Coordinating Programmes and Training

The Office for the organization of Training and Coordination of Training Programmes implements the educational and training policy of the management of the Cyprus Police Academy. It deals with issues that relate to upgrading the Police Academy and harmonizing it with the Bologna process, specifically with regards to the efforts that are being made for upgrading its training programmes.

The Office is responsible for organizing and running all the training programmes / seminars as they arise in accordance with the training needs of the Service, and in co-operation with the Officers in charge of the three Schools operating at the Cyprus Police Academy. It co-ordinates all the training programmes, the trainers involved and visiting lecturers for the materialization of the training programmes. It also deals with all the relevant correspondence.

In addition, in co-operation with the Officers in charge of the three Schools of the Academy, it draws up the annual plan of all the educational and training activities of the Academy for each academic year.

Moreover, it deals with and handles all issues that relate to recruit police officers, such as keeping records of their results, updating their files with their results and assessment and issuing graduation diplomas. The Office also deals with issues related to requests for exemption / deferment of studies as well as requests for the extension of the probationary period of recruits.

Additionally, the Office keeps records of the training and results achieved by all members of Cyprus Police. It also keeps statistical records of the number of police members who undergo training every academic year.

Furthermore, it issues verifications of the attendance and of the detailed assessment of Police members with regards to the training they receive at the Cyprus Police Academy.

In cooperation with the Finance Directorate it prepares, monitors and checks the annual budget for the Police training programmes.

In addition, it handles the procedure for the payment of the visiting lecturers as well as all the payments involved in the running of police programmes / seminars which are not carried out within the premises of the Academy.

Moreover, it arranges all issues related to the transport, accommodation and board of all visiting lecturers from abroad teaching and participating in training programmes at the Academy.

The Office also assists the Selection Committee during the procedure for the selection of visiting lecturers.

Furthermore, it handles issues related to the employment of foreign language and information technology teaching staff.

Additionally, it responds to requests by other State Services / Departments that relate to the organization of training programmes / seminars for the further training of the staff of these Services / Departments.

It also deals with issues related to the training of police members of other countries, arising as a result of bilateral agreements signed by the Republic of Cyprus.

Finally, the Office carries out any other duties that are assigned to it by the Director of the Cyprus Police Academy.

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