Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Professional Standards, Audit and Inspection Directorate

Duties and Responsibilities

The basic duties and competences of the members of the PSID, are the following:

(1) The investigation of information that concerns deviant and / or delinquent behavior by members of the Police, which does not relate to corruption or concern or is dealt with by Internal Affairs Service of the Police.

Provided that, if the investigation of the information leads to, prima facie, evidence that a member of the Police is involved in the commission of a criminal and/or a disciplinary offence, the Director of the PSID, informs the Assistant Chief of Police (Administration), awaiting further instructions.

(2) The conduct of administrative inquiries, according to the instructions of the Assistant Chief (Administration). In exceptional cases and when there are extenuating circumstances, the investigation of disciplinary or criminal cases in which members of the Police are involved, can be assigned to members of the PSID.

(3) The adoption of mechanisms that aim at the prevention, control, detection and combating of deviant and / or delinquent behavior by members of the Police.

(4) The cooperation with the Independent Authority for the Investigation of Allegations and Complaints against the Police, as well as with the Internal Affairs Service of the Police, bearing in mind the strict compliance with the provisions of the legislation that governs them.

(5) The carrying out, with or without warning, of regular or unscheduled inspections of Police Departments, Services, Units, Directorates as well as Branches, Stations etc., in order to establish whether the execution of the police duties is carried out according to the provisions of the Police Orders, Circulars and instructions of the Chief of Police. Among others, to inspect and check the following:

(a) the degree of readiness, vigilance and adequacy of the members.

(b) Discipline, uniform and appearance of the members.

(c) Correct use, maintenance and storage of governmental property, vehicles, armor, ammunition and other equipment.

(d) Safety, maintenance and cleanliness of premises, enclosed spaces and other buildings.

(e) Keeping the Register of Crime Investigated, correct course and investigation of cases as well as the transfer of criminal / penal files.

(f) Delays, irregularities, etc., during the examination of Criminal and Disciplinary cases.

(g) Entry, safe storage, transportation and disposal of evidence.

(h) Detention conditions, diet and handling of detainees.

(i) Execution of warrants, decrees and other orders (issued by the court, the military etc).

(j) Correct filling out and updating of forms / registers, computerized or not.

(k) Check of the books and forms that are meant for destruction, according to the Police Order P.O. 1/45.

(6) Submission of recommendations aiming at the upgrading of the internal practices or procedures followed and the improvement of the work done by the Police.

(7) Execution of any other duties assigned to the PSID by the Chief of Police.

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