Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Immigration Office

Citizen Service

Reception desk of Aliens and Immigration District Offices
  • Provision of Information
  • Arranging an appointment
  • Submission/Receipt/Check of permits
  • Completion of aliens files

Submission of application for entry permits
  • Labour- Application MGEN2 and MNFW2
  • Domestic workers– Application MDW2
  • Family members of Cypriot citizens - Application MCYV2

Registration/Renewals of Aliens permits

1) Labor (seasonal and permanent ) - Application MGEN2 and MNFW2

2) Domestic Workers – Application DW2

3) Family members of Cypriot citizens -Application MCYV2

4) Students – Application 61

5) Tourist Representatives – Application MNSP2

6) Visitors– Application MVIS3

7) Football Players – Application MGEN2

8) Holders of an international protection status and Recognized Refugees – Application MIPA2

9) Holder of a special identity homogeneous card– ApplicationMGEN2

10) Issue of Aliens Registration Certificate (ARC)

11)Direct Extension – Application 61

12)E.U. citizens and their family members - Application MEU1A, MEU2A, MEU3A

All application can be provided from of Civil Registry and Migration Department of Ministry of Interior

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