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Republic of Cyprus
Background Information

Since October 2008, the Administration of Nicosia Divisional Police Headquarters as well as Strovolos Police Station have been situated at no. 8 Psychikou str. in Strovolos. The Traffic Division, the Message Control Center, Immediate Response Squad, the Crime Prevention Squad, the Squad for the Execution of Warrants, the Stores and the Motor Vehicle Section of Nicosia Division continue to operate at the previous facilities of the Division in Strovolos.

Initially, Nicosia District Police Headquarters were located in buildings where the Paphos Gate Police Station is currently situated, but in 1975 they were transferred to the premises of the first Police Training School in Strovolos.

Nicosia Police Division is the largest Police Division in Cyprus in terms of both, the extent of the area and the number of people it polices. Specifically, the Division is responsible for an area of 2,230sq km (71km of which is part of the buffer zone) and for a total population of 320,000 - 215,000 live in the town and its suburbs, while 105,000 in rural areas.

Nicosia Police Division is made up of 6 police stations for the town and suburbs and 6 stations for rural areas, as well as one sub-station. The Division also polices three checkpoints of entry to the Turkish occupied areas – one at Ayios Dometios used mainly by vehicles and the other two by Ledra Palace Hotel and Ledra Street used by pedestrians only.

Nicosia town and its suburbs are not only policed by the above mentioned police stations but also by the Message Control Centre, the Immediate Response Squad, the Traffic Branch, the Crime Prevention Unit and Neighbourhood Police. These Stations, Branches and Units operate in collaboration with the Criminal Investigation Department (C.I.D.), the Prosecution Branch of the Division, the Squad for the Execution of Warrants and Detention Cells. Nicosia Division also includes an Important Persons Protection Service. The members of this Service are administratively under the command of Nicosia Division but are not directly involved in policing or any other operational activities.

The co-ordination and operation of the various Stations, Branches and Departments of the Division are administered by the Divisional Commander, two Assistant Commanders, an Officer and Assistant Officer for the Town and Suburbs, an Officer and Assistant Officer for rural areas and an Officer for Administration.

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