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It is well known that the primary function of the Drug Law Enforcement Unit is to enforce the nation's drug laws. According to the international experience however, law enforcement alone cannot solve the phenomenon of Drugs.

For that reason, the DLEU -Cyprus Police, having European practices in mind, decided to establish a special administration office, responsible for drug prevention efforts and actions. Staffed by highly trained and highly educated personnel, the D.L.E.U. runs drug awareness programmes for school children, teachers, parents, military personnel and other organized groups. The aim of the Unit is to inform young people and children about the dangers of drugs at the earliest stages of their lives and to make parents aware of the problem at hand.

The D.L.E.U. also offers initial guidance to those seeking treatment for drug addiction. For that reason the D.L.E.U. - Cyprus Police employs four police officers who studied Sociology to provide our “clients” (arrested young offenders) and their parents with individual counselling support and motivational enhancement. Our aim is to mobilize and refer them to the appropriate centres for drug addiction therapy. The application of this initiative is under the coordination of the Cyprus Antidrug Council.

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