Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Directorate of Airports Security

Duties and Responsibilities

The members of the Directorate perform the duties mentioned below, as well as any other duty set out by the Police Act and Police Ordinances, the directives or orders the Chief of Police, the Director of the Directorate and the Commanders at the two Airports.

1. Policing of the airports, including foot and mobile patrols of all public and restricted areas in order to prevent and combat any act or omission that constitutes a violation of the airport security measures or an offence according to National or European Legislation. The members of the Directorate undertake all initial action relating to any incidents occurring within the area of the Directive’s jurisdiction until their investigation and handling is taken over by the appropriate Police Division.

2. Responding directly to any emergency situation like terrorist incidents, threads or crises situations, in close cooperation with the local Police Divisions, other Police Departments / Services / Units and any other Government or Non Government Stakeholders involved.

3. Staffing of the airport Check Points as well as the check and search of any person, vehicle, luggage or any other object entering the restricted areas of the airport in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation and the directives of Civil Aviation Department.

4. Providing assistance to the public in accordance with the duties and mission of the police.

5. Collecting and safekeeping any found or forgotten property and registration of any property reported lost, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant Police Ordinance 5/8.

6. Escort and provision of additional security measures for V.I.P.’s within the restricted areas of the airport.

7. Providing armed safeguarding to any airplane, vital area or any other part of the airport when deemed necessary.

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