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Cyprus Community Policing began in October 2003 with 27 Police Officers. Its mission is to protect neighborhoods through various preventive measures, develop a feeling of security amongst the public, increase communication and improve relations with the public. Due to its effectiveness it was decided to extend its application. In 2016 the number of personnel increased to 77 Police Officers, serving a population of about 714687 and covering 145 communities (urban & rural) at a national level.

Cyprus Community Policing includes foot patrols, car patrols, giving door to door information and advice on safety issues and other police issues of personal concern to citizens, attending community meetings, giving presentations and lectures to the community (schools, shops, businesses) and most of all, maintaining a visible presence, in order to restore the public’s sense of security and build trust and confidence in the Police.

A whole range of other duties of social, charitable and voluntary character is also amongst the duties of a Community Police Officer. For example, the CPOs take part or organize events like fairs for children, blood donations, visits to nursing homes, community meetings as well as celebrating national holidays within the community.

Community Police Officers are members of the Police who have all the powers of a Police Officer, including arresting criminals and carrying a gun. They are under the jurisdiction of the Local Police District and are members of the Local Police Station. Their duties are carried out in uniform with specific badges to distinguish from the ordinary Police.

* For Crime Prevention Promotional Leaflets, please click here.

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