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Criminal Investigation Department

The Criminal Investigation Department is made up by the Office for the investigation of Burglaries and Serious Offences, the Economic Crime Investigation Unit and the Investigation Teams (Shifts). It is staffed by experienced detectives and it is responsible for the investigation of serious offences or cases which require special handling. The members of the Unit also undertake the investigation of cases involving missing persons and the surveillance of suspects.

The Criminal Investigation Department is also responsible for preparing statistics and reports on various forms of crime. In co-operation with other Departments, Units and Branches of the Division, it examines and evaluates factors affecting crime and current crime trends in special areas but also more generally across the Division. It also proposes suggestions on how to deal with problems that arise through the investigation of various offences.

Address: 85-87 Regenis Str., Nicosia, 1010
Tel. 22802222
Fax. 22802826 , 22802822

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