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General Information

The Crime Investigation Department or Department C is one of the five departments that make up Cyprus Police Headquarters. Its mission is the prevention and detection of crimes and especially the investigation of serious, complex crime cases that are not restricted to one district only and may extend abroad. These cases usually attract public interest and involve important persons. In addition, the department co-operates closely with the Divisional Crime Investigation Departments, Crime Prevention Squads and other Departments of the Police.

Department C is made up of the following Offices/Branches:

۰ Criminal Investigation Department – Operations

۰ Office for the Investigation of Financial Crime

۰ Crime Registry

۰ Weapons Registry

۰ Office for the Prevention/fight against Domestic Violence and Abuse of Juveniles

۰ Office for Combating Organised Crime

۰ Crime Analysis Office

۰ Cultural Heritage Office

۰ National Contact Point for Hooliganism

۰ Counter Terrorism Office

۰ Office for Combating Discrimination

۰ Crime Prevention Office

۰ Prosecution Office

۰ Office for Combating Intellectual Property Theft and Illegal Gambling

۰ Office for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings

۰ Explosives Unit

۰ Police Dogs Unit

۰ Crime Intelligence Office

۰ Cyber Crime Office

۰ Youth delinquency Office

۰ Crime Statistics

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