Republic of Cyprus
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Duties and Responsibilities

Nicosia Police Division is responsible for policing the capital of the Republic and it is therefore called upon to perform the full range of police duties. The police officers posted to the Division undertake great responsibilities in carrying out their duties.

The magnitude of the Division’s responsibilities lies in the fact that its territorial extent includes extremely important points / buildings, like the Presidential Palace, the House of Parliament, Ministries, the Central Offices of all Government Services, the Supreme Court, the Archbishop’s Palace and Cyprus University.

The Division is also responsible for the security of Consulates, Diplomatic Missions, various Foreign Organisations and Financial Institutions, including the Central Bank and Stock Exchange. These buildings are guarded and patrolled on a daily basis by stationary guards, the Immediate Response Squad and the local Police Stations.

Furthermore, throughout the year and almost on a daily basis, the personnel of the Division are called upon to police political and cultural gatherings, demonstrations, concerts, local and international sports competitions as well as other events.

All of the above duties, which are time consuming and require the involvement of a large number of staff, are carried out in addition to the main duties of the police which are to prevent and detect crimes. This is facilitated by the division and allocation of duties and responsibilities to the Stations, Departments and Branches of the Division. The appropriate co-ordination, planning and communication by the administrative bodies of these Stations, Departments and Branches are essential for the effective operation of the Division.

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