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Instructions for the Operators of a High Speed Small Vessel:
  • Never enter the area for swimmers.
  • Sail from/or to the coast ONLY from the predefined channels at a speed less than 5 km/h (< 3 Knots)
  • It is strictly prohibited to anchor your vessels under any circumstances in the swimming areas. In such cases vessels will be towed away, and the owners will be prosecuted.
  • Be informed and comply with all the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Before using your vessel, make sure that the vessel as well as its equipment in a perfect mechanical condition (Fuel, paddles, Marine VHF, Pharmacy, etc.)
  • Do not use your vessel if the weather conditions are not good.
  • Always carry with you the Operator’s License as well as the vessel’s circulation license.
  • Always comply with the instructions of the Port and Marine Police and of lifeguards.
  • Any Person boarding the vessel must carry a life jacket and be seated in steady seats.
  • Any person operating a vessel has to sail in a way which does not endanger people’s lives, property and must avoid causing disturbance to others.
  • The emergency cut-out line of the machine must be always connected with the operator.
  • The owner of the vessel must always carry with him a copy of the ownership title.
  • According to the legislation Para-skiing must be performed far away from the coast line and equipment must be checked meticulously, in accordance with the law.
  • Never operate a high speed small vessel while being under the influence of alcohol.

Jet skis are only allowed to operate for the period from:

May 1st- September 30th between the hours

1000-1300 and 1600-1900

Between the hours of 1300-1600 they are only allowed to operate at a distance of 500 to 700 meters from the coast.

For the period from October 1st till April 30th skiing is allowed from sunrise till sunset.

Skiing is not permitted at any time around the year when:

  • Severe weather conditions occur.
  • Wind speed exceeds 16 knots
  • Visibility is less than one (1) Nautical Mile.

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