Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Crime Combating Department

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Office and Missing Persons Office

Sees to all matters that concern prevention, combating and handling of domestic violence and child abuse, mainly performing the following duties and responsibilities:

1. Monitoring of cases/incidents of domestic violence and child abuse that are reported ίn Police Stations all over Cyprus ίn collaboration with the investigators as well as with professionals from other relevant Services.

2. Cooperation with other competent (governmental and not) agencies in order that an effective handling of the incidents is at all times ensured.

3. Investigation of all the cases of child sexual abuse at national level. This specific task is performed by a special unit, which is part of the organizational structure of the Office and cooperates with all other relevant agents in the context of the operations of “The Children’s House”

4. Maintenance of an electronic registry of all incidents of domestic violence that are reported to Police Stations all over Cyprus. Relevant statistics are issued and published οπ an annual base and they are accessible by the webpage of Cyprus Police.

5. Provision of information to the Attorney General’s Office οn incidents of domestic violence that are reported to Police Stations and are further reported to the Police Headquarters.

6. Review of criminal files for the purpose of forming and stating opinions regarding the further handling of each particular case.

7. Involvement to the preparation of internal circulars related to domestic violence and child abuse, aiming at further facilitating and guiding the members of the police while performing their duties, so that the Law is fully implemented and all set procedures are followed.

8. Participation in the planning and organization of educational programmes in cooperation with the Police Academy, aiming both at the basic and specialised training of the members of the Police.

9. Representation of the Police ίn social events, seminars, conferences or meetings in Cyprus and abroad in order to inform the public or other professionals οπ domestic violence and child abuse.

10. Participation in and organization of public awareness campaigns on the issues of domestic violence and child protection.

11. Participation in the implementation of EU Funded Projects falling within its field of competence.

12. Supervision and coordination of the investigations on missing persons carried out at national level by a Special Unit that is part of the organizational structure of the Office


Telephone: 22808442



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