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Another program that was implemented in July 2015 is the “Neighbourhood Watch – Green Line”. It must be noted though, that as a consequence of the brutal 1974 Turkish invasion of the island and the continued illegal military occupation of about 37% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, the Police exercise their powers only in the areas under the effective control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

Within the framework of the efforts of the Cyprus Police to control the transfer of agricultural goods from the Turkish occupied areas through the “Green Line” and to deal with the problems that are created as a result of illegal activity in these areas, as well as due to the need to take additional measures for the control and policing of this “Line”, it was deemed necessary to implement the ‘Neighbourhood Watch – Green Line’ Programme which is part of the wider Neighourhood Watch Scheme.

The participants of the Neighbourhood Watch – Green Line Programme are persons residing near the “Green Line”, persons who cultivate land near this area, rural organizations, local authorities, the police authorities of these areas and generally the Police. Moreover, the participation of the members of the Neighourhood Watch Schemes of nearby areas, who have already received training with regards to the NW Scheme, has been contributing towards the development of the Neighbourhood Watch – Green Line Programme.

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