Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police

Drug Law Enforcement Unit


A significant part of the activities of the Police (DLEU) involves efforts to reduce the supply of illegal substances.

The Service’s activities in the area of suppression focus mainly on enforcing the Law, preventing the production and trading of drugs, preventing the importation and trafficking of drugs, tackling the dissemination of precursors and of new psychotropic substances in Cypriot society. The aim of the DLEU is to ensure a safe, healthy and just environment for our fellow-citizens.

Through Suppression, the aims include:

  • Protecting society from the dissemination and use of drugs;
  • Preventing the importation of illegal substances into the Cyprus Republic;
  • Reducing the trafficking of illegal substances;
  • Combatting drug smuggling through international cooperation;
  • Reinforcing and expanding cooperation with Liaison officers, with a view to exchanging information on drug matters.

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