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Strategic Planning

The Traffic Department of Police Headquarters is responsible for implementing the National Policing Road Safety Plan, which is based on the Recommendation of the European Commission 2004/345/EC of the 6th April 2004.

The Second Strategic Objective of the Strategic Plan of the Police for the period 2012 – 2015 concerns Road Safety. The main goal is to reduce road traffic collisions, especially fatal and serious ones, through targeted and effective actions, aimed at enhancing road safety awareness among all road users.

The Areas of Action of this Objective are the following:

· Reduction of road traffic collisions

· Upgrading and Implementing a Departmental Plan of Action for reducing road traffic collisions, as determined by the General Plan of the Ministry of Communications and Works

· Intensification of alco-test checks

· The further use of the Road Safety Park

· Issue of a Study for the reduction of road traffic collisions

· Road safety information campaigns

· Mechanical checks on vehicles

· Intensification of all preventive measures (patrols, traffic checks, reporting problematic spots on the road network, checks on individuals whose right to acquire or possess a driving license has been suspended., etc.)

With the purpose of implementing the above goals and fulfilling the responsibilities of the Traffic Department, within the framework of the Police Strategic Plan and the European Road Safety Strategy to reduce road victims by 50% over the period 2011 – 2020, regular traffic policing campaigns are carried out and instructions are given for the implementation of best practices regarding the prevention and reduction of road traffic collisions. Moreover, efforts are made, where needed, to amend the Traffic Legislation, and active measures are taken to inform the public accordingly. This is done in cooperation with Divisional Police Traffic Branches, the European Traffic Police Network TISPOL, other governmental agencies and private organizations.

Efforts are focused mainly on addressing the “four road killers” – speeding, drink driving, failure to use a safety belt, and failure to use a helmet by motorcyclists. A zero approach is adopted with respect to these traffic offences, which are proven to be the main causes of fatal and serious crashes.

The preparation of a new National Strategic Road Safety Plan is currently underway by the Ministry of Communications and Works. It is based on the latest recommendations of the European Parliament and the European Commission for the period 2013-2020.

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