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General Information for the Operators of high speed small vessels
    A High Speed small vessel is a mechanically propelled vessel of a length not exceeding fifteen (15) meters which can attain a speed of at least fifteen (15) knots.

    Jet Ski is a high speed small vessel, which is propelled by an outboard engine or an inboard jet propulsion system. It can carry one, or more persons either seated or standing up.

    Every person who uses a high speed small vessel must have a valid operator’s license issued by the Department of Merchant Shipping after passing the relevant practical and theoretical examinations.

    Every person who is over seventeen (17) years of age may acquire a learner’s license and may operate a high speed small vessel on the condition that he/she shall always be accompanied by a person who has an operator’s license.

    All high speed vessels should be furnished with a valid circulation license when operated. This license is issued by the Department of Merchant Shipping after a vessel has undergone a successful inspection.

    Temporary visitors staying in Cyprus for a period of less than thirty days (30) and are not holders of the above licenses, can operate a hired high speed small vessel provided they have signed a binding declaration (Form 6) with the owner of the vessel. The owner of the vessel is responsible for examining whether the temporary visitor possesses the necessary knowledge for operating a high speed small vessel according to the requirements of the high speed small vessel regulations.

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