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Republic of Cyprus
Cyprus Police Academy
Interpretation of the symbols used in the new Cyprus Police Academy emblem

The emblem of the Cyprus Police Academy was modified in February 2011, so that it is compatible with social developments, crime trends and changes in policing in contemporary Cypriot society.

The symbols of the emblem are interpreted as follows:

· Papyrus: It was used in ancient times by the learned. Throughout time it was and is recognized as a symbol of knowledge and learning, having been adopted by many academic institutions as part of their emblem.

· Torch: It represents enlightenment and the thirst for the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom. It is a symbol of the wish to carry the torch of knowledge from generation to generation.

· Dove with an olive branch: They symbolise the Republic of Cyprus, which the Police are commissioned to protect and serve.

· The year 1990: It is the year during which the Cyprus Police Training School was reformed and upgraded to an Academy.

The Motto ‘Law – Knowledge – Ethos’ is interpreted as follows:

· Law: it refers to the framework within which the members of the Police, bound by duty, have to operate.

· Knowledge: the term is directly interwoven with the learning regime of the Cyprus Police Academy as well as the specialized duties carried out by its members.

· Ethos: the term reflects the humanistic approach to education and training adopted by the Cyprus Police Academy. It constitutes the cornerstone and foundation on which are based, not only the educational policies of the Academy, but also the philosophy which more widely characterizes the members of the police, as members of a disciplined body.

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